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Our Process

1. Request a consultation

Fill out our online contact form OR give us a call! If you contact us outside of business hours, we promise to get back to you the very next business day. We would then like to schedule a time that works for you and set an in-person visit OR an online video conference.

2. Live consultation or video conference

You will have the opportunity to meet with a member of our team to discuss your project’s scope, budget, needs, and expectations to complete your project. Once we have a firm understanding of your project needs, we would like to get a history of what you’ve completed before reaching out to us and engaging for services. At this time, we will be able to get a grasp of third-party individuals we work with to help you and your specialty service needs. This can include finding an architect, a designer, a surveyor, etc. We would like to finish by scheduling an onsite inspection. If it’s a video call, we would like to schedule an in-person site visit to take photos and inspect the scope of work for your property.

3. Post-inspection recap

At this appointment, we will sit down to discuss what is most important with you, we will brainstorm your needs and project goals to provide a thorough proposal for preconstruction service. We will also review any interaction you had with our third-party provider with preconstruction services and the permitting process with a timeline of when we feel these items will be complete so we can give you a timeline estimate of when the project can start.

4. Presentation of bid proposal

This will involve a customized plan, a scope of work, and an estimated cost for the project. We can make this proposal in person or on a video chat.

5. Acceptance of services

If you choose to accept our services, we will then execute a pre-construction agreement and will require a deposit to begin services.

6. Preconstruction stage

While we are doing all our preconstruction services, we will also be working on getting bids from sub-contractors that will be needed for your project. We will coordinate with designers, architects, surveyors, and your county’s building department to do the necessary paperwork to submit for permits.

7. Submittal of Permit

Once we have all the permit requirements for submittal, we will review this with you and submit it upon your written approval.

8. Preconstruction services review and presentation of formalized bid

During this meeting, we will give you an update on the status of your permit, and we will review what we learned during our preconstruction service time that will give us a more accurate assessment of your job and allow us to present you with an actual formalized bid rather than the estimate we gave you as a general parameter.

9. Acceptance of Bid and financing approval

Once you have had time to review the final bid and we have answered any questions or concerns that you have, we will request a deposit so that when the permit is finalized, we can start work. For us to start work, we will need you to get your financing in order if required, and we will work with the bank of your choice to provide all the necessary contractor information required by your lender.

10. Setting your timeline

We will finalize the date to start and will send you an Estimated Construction Schedule and a Schedule of Value which will give you the information for the estimated length of the project and at what state the amount of money will be required at each stage so that you can understand and plan for budgetary purposes.

11. Breaking ground!

At this time, we will break ground to initially clear the lot and grade it properly. Then we will install all necessary utilities. Once complete, we will backfill the site so we can stake out the parameter of your home and start forming a foundation and completing it.

12. Now YJH and banker will take over

The builder will coordinate the home’s construction, and the banker will send inspectors out to ensure the work has been properly done and you are paying at the rate of construction progress.

13. We will begin to go vertical on your project

Once phase one is complete, we will frame your project. Once the framing is complete, our electrical, plumbing, and HVAC subs will come in to do all the work in your home’s frame. During this period, we will also be installing the roof.

14. Build process

As we continue building your home, we will have weekly progress calls to give you an update on the progress of your new home. We will also be able to schedule site visits for you to come and check on the progress yourself throughout the build. During this phase, we will work with you and/or your designer on all the coordination and procurement of your finishing products. Questions will come up quickly on both ends, so we must be available to have quick, decisive conversations so we can move forward as quickly as possible.

15. Your new home is complete

At this time, we will schedule a final walk for you to determine any items that you feel are incomplete or need additional work. We will generate a punch list for you to review and approve, and we will commence on correcting anything that is needed. Once this is complete, you’ll do another final inspection, and we will be able to close on your home.

16. Let’s get you some keys!

You will attend your loan closing and successfully close on your loan. Once complete, you will be given your set of keys and the proud owner of your newly built home.

17. We don’t stop there

We will provide you with a one-year warranty on your new home. During this time, we will address any warrantable issues on your home and be available to you so that you may reach out with any concerns or items that need to be repaired. Near the end of your warranty, we will come out and do a one-year post-walk with you to determine if everything is going well with your new home after this. We will always be available for questions or additional work you may need as a homeowner. We hope you enjoy your new home built exclusively for you by Yellowjacket Homes.