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How To Build in Suncadia

Step 1

Deciding to buy an existing property, a property currently under construction, newly built property or a custom home.

Step 2

Find a realtor that can educate you and is familiar with Suncadia to let you know what buildable lots are available.

Step 3

You will need to make some basic decisions on budget, room count, bathrooms and whatever else you might want in your future home.

Step 4

Find a builder you can trust and let him know what you were looking for.

Step 5

Meet with the license mortgage professional you trust and find out if you qualify for the estimated price of the overall Build. Remember, would you ever go to the grocery store to buy your family groceries and not make sure you have your wallet. Make sure you can afford what you want.

Step 6

Get Pre-Approved.

Step 7

Identify a Property that will be suitable for your needs. Check with your contractor to make sure there won’t be any issues with developing this property.

Step 8

Purchase the property.

Step 9

The next thing you’ll need to do is get a survey completed of the property. In order for an architect to properly design your new home, they need the elevations and topography of the property.

Step 10

Once the Survey has been completed, send this to your architect. If your builder is coordinating this, they will do that as well.

Step 11

Your architect will do a preliminary floorplan for you to review to see if that layout meets your needs.

Step 12

Once you agree on your floor plan, the architect will do a full design and typically a 3-D rendering of the exterior of the property so you’ll be able to visualize what it looks like.

Step 13

Now you can go shopping! You’ll need to choose different cabinets, countertops, bathroom fixtures etc. you’ll will need to give this list to your builder so he can quote the pricing appropriately.

Step 14

During this time frame, you’ll meet with your builder to determine everything from house color, type of siding you want, roof type etc.

Step 15

Now that you have a preliminary set of plans, your builder will put together a general overall cost to build.

Step 16

If the cost to construct is within your budget, you were want to then meet with your mortgage advisor and start getting your construction loan approved.

Step 17

It’s time to prepare your entire package for submittal to the DRC. Your architect who will steer you through this process.

Step 18

Your builder will create a finish board. This will be a board listing your color choices and materials you’ve chosen that is needed for the DRC to approve your new home.

Step 19

Now you’ll be ready to submit your package to the Suncadia Design Review Committee(DRC).

Step 20

If your property meets all the standards with the DRC they will issue you an informal approval based on any changes they want you to make. Your architect and builder will guide you through this.

Step 21

Hopefully, during this. Your loan gets approved.

Step 22

Now that you have the final approval from the DRC and you have loan approval, your builder will submit your drawings and DRC approval to the county in order to receive the building permit.

Step 23

You will close on your new construction loan at escrow.

Step 24

You did it! You are now ready to break ground on your new home.

Step 25

Now your builder and banker will take over. The builder will coordinate the construction of the home and the banker will send inspectors out to make sure the work has been properly done and you are paying at the rate of progress of construction.

Step 26

Stay involved during the building process, it’s fun. Make sure you are going out and walking the property to see how the project progresses. It will give you an opportunity to feel what it will be like to be in the home when it’s complete. This is also a great time for you to be able to visualize where you want things in your house and taking care of all of those items.

Step 27

You did it! Your new custom Construction Home has been completed. Now it’s time to move in and enjoy all of what Suncadia has to offer.